What’s in a Name?

Have you Googled your name lately? We tried to find an old friend recently on Facebook, but his name is so common that it’s difficult to identify the right individual. That got me to thinking about names. Googling your own name can bring up all kinds of interesting information–and it […]

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Be patient and lovingly accept each other. Gal. 4:2

A Call for Unity

“Be humble and gentle in every way. Be patient with each other and lovingly accept each other. Through the peace that ties you together, do your best to maintain the unity that the Spirit gives” (Ephesians 4:2-3, ESV) It’s been a rough week in the evangelical world. Recent revelations in the […]

What are you entitled to?

Doesn’t it seem like our whole society has devolved  into this: what’s in it for me? That’s the impression I sometimes have, based on incidents like these: Food pantries are intended to help low-income people. Some accept only the food items they know they will use, while others take it […]

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Dark and Light in Politics

This political season seems to have topped every presidential election up to this point. Name-calling, accusations, outright lies, rude debates, and voter fraud have reached an all-time high, according to many observers. And that’s among voters, not just between candidates. If you read comments to various posts on Facebook, or to […]

An Exciting Journey

When I attended the annual Writer’s Conference last month, I took a workshop led by Allen Arnold about learning to create with the Creator. As part of the workshop, Arnold handed out journals in which he had written a message. Each person received a different message; no names were attached to the journals […]

Trust Me as I lead you to a place beyond your best expectations. --God

"It's time to act, God!"

Impatient Children

      We spent the weekend with two of our grandchildren. We all had a great time at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and the Mall of America.      However, as we left the last store, we (the adults) stopped to look at a sale item. And one tired little […]

When We Ask ‘Why?'”

With the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 having just passed, we are reminded of all those who lost loved ones in that tragedy. And we look around at people we know who are grieving recent losses or looking for a job or going through a divorce. Why […]

"Why, God?"

Labor Day hands working

What Is Labor Day?

       A character in the Sunday comics this week mistakenly thought Labor Day had something to do with pregnant women.        That made me chuckle, but it served as a reminder of how little we know about this holiday.        Most of us think of it […]

Why Jesus Didn’t Use a Computer

If computers had been around in the first century, the Bible might be shorter. Not because God had less to say, but because technology can get in the way. The New Testament writers would have run out of time waiting for the Geek Squad. For a Boomer who grew up […]

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Weeds Thrive on Neglect

Just over a month ago, I bragged on Facebook about finally getting shrubs and flowers planted to landscape our three-year-old home. Then we were gone for a month for a mission trip and vacation. We returned to find a forest had engulfed our house that would require the entire Narnian army to slice […]