Watching a Fire

They call it “Bush TV.” In remote parts of Africa, far from modern civilization, people still gather around a roaring fire before and after dinner. They sit and gaze into the flames, conversation rising and falling with the fingers of fire. Topics range over the day’s events, plans for tomorrow, […]


Truth or Lies?

Promises, promises

Who can you believe? Airlines “promise” to get you to your destination on time. But most of them only succeed 85 percent of the time. And even to meet that, they have to pad their flight times. You’re happy if you arrive on time, even though you had to wait […]

Nurturing New Life

I am not a gardener. Never have been, don’t think I ever will be. My husband accuses me of having two black thumbs. I do get a little bit of pleasure out of planting a few flowers, but I hate weeding. And don’t ask me to pick vegetables! (Strawberries, maybe, once […]

Leaves breaking forth

The water that I give will become a spring welling up to eternal life. John 4:14

The Paradox of Water

Water is the source of life, but it can also be the cause of death. While part of California is burning due to lack of rain, people in West Virginia have died because of historic flooding. In our part of Iowa, we’ve had less than twenty percent of the average […]

3 Ways We Are Like Robins

For the last three years, a pair of robins has built a nest on top of the light  next to our front door. Right now, they are raising their second batch of babies for the year. The male and female robins take turns watching the nest and searching for food […]

I know all the birds of the hills. Psalm 50:11

The new mailbox support shelf

Hidden Rot Can Destroy

The mailbox post was solid, a 4×4 made of treated wood. But the shelf supporting the three mailboxes and providing newspaper slots seemed to be unstable. While visiting our son and his family a few weeks ago, my husband decided to tackle this project to help him and his neighbors. […]

Mail Call

How many personal letters have you received this year? Not Christmas letters, birthday cards, personalized fundraising mail, Facebook messages, or emails. I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness, preferably hand-written, physical note, arriving courtesy of your very own U.S. Mail carrier. In this age of almost instantaneous communication, the tradition of actual […]


No substitute for blood

No Substitute for Blood

After I gave blood a couple years ago, the blood bank gave me a t-shirt to thank me  for my donation. It includes the statement, “There is no substitute for blood.” As we take time on Memorial Day today to remember those who have given their blood and their lives for our […]

Who Is Like You?

Self-identity. My two-year-old granddaughter is too young to have determined her self-identity. One minute, she might be dressing up in frilly dresses, a fancy hat, and “shades”–being what we might call a “girly-girl.” Ten minutes later, she could be playing roughhouse, trying to keep up with her big brother. She is […]

Who is like the Lord? Nobody

Discipline seems painful, but it yields the fruit of righteousness.

Mowed and trimmed

When it comes to mowing the lawn, I’ve decided I am obsessive-compulsive. In few other areas of life do I feel the need to strive for perfection, but in this one, I do for some unknown reason. My husband and I share the lawn-mowing responsibilities for our nearly two-acre yard. […]