Who is like the Lord? Nobody
Self-identity. My two-year-old granddaughter is too young to have determined her self-identity. One minute, she might be dressing up in frilly dresses, a fancy hat, and “shades”–being what we might call a “girly-girl.” Ten minutes later, she could be playing roughhouse, trying to keep up with her big brother. She is […]

Who Is Like You?

Discipline seems painful, but it yields the fruit of righteousness.
When it comes to mowing the lawn, I’ve decided I am obsessive-compulsive. In few other areas of life do I feel the need to strive for perfection, but in this one, I do for some unknown reason. My husband and I share the lawn-mowing responsibilities for our nearly two-acre yard. […]

Mowed and trimmed

We’ve been on the road for several days, my husband and I. We encountered road construction and rubbernecking delays while passing a fatal accident on the other side of the highway. We also made our own detour to visit several historic sites. After hours of driving, taking the time to […]


praying hands
Ever tried praying through the alphabet? Books have been written about praying the Lord’s prayer, praying the Psalms, and so forth. Years ago, I learned from some friends the idea of praying through the alphabet using the characteristics of God. The idea is to just worship Him in prayer by […]

Praying the Alphabet

Drawing in the sand
My friend likes to draw in the sand. We went for a walk on the beach recently. We saw where some other people had written messages or drawn pictures in the sand, and she decided to make a few drawings of her own. A couple weeks later, I thought I […]

Drawings in the Sand

Between the crucifixion of Jesus and His resurrection, it must have been torture for His followers, who didn’t know that Sunday was coming. For most of us today, Saturday is just another day. There will be Easter egg hunts, cooking for the big meal on Sunday, perhaps preparing new clothes or […]

Sunday is coming

He was punished so that we could be healed.
What is so “good” about Good Friday? It’s a day when we remember how Jesus suffered and died. He was beaten nearly to death, He was rejected by His own people, He was deserted by His close followers, and He was disowned by Peter who had promised to die for […]

What’s good about Good Friday?

For behold, the winter is past. Song of Solomon 2:11
I love seeing photos from northern friends on Facebook of redbud and dogwood trees covered in blooms, of daffodils and tulips bursting forth from the brown soil. That’s one thing I miss by spending winter and spring in south Florida. We enjoy green trees and flowers throughout the season, which is wonderful, but […]

Spring Busting Out All Over

Little girl at the beach
Chasing waves became a great game at the beach for me and my almost-two-year-old granddaughter recently. You know, you walk out just to where the last wave ended. As the next wave comes splashing in, you back up quickly, trying to avoid letting the water “catch” you. She didn’t mind […]

Chasing Waves

Photo courtesy Norman Love Confections
Chocolate is the perfect food, isn’t it? After all, it is one of the basic food groups. It’s made from the cocoa bean, and beans give us protein. It’s derived from a plant, so it has no animal fats that are bad for us. The best chocolates usually contain milk, […]

Chocolate is Perfect