A New Year, A New Thing

Did you know the Bible has a verse for the New Year? “Forget what happened in the past, and do not dwell on events from long ago. I am going to do something new” (Isaiah 43: 18-19, GW). Okay, the verse isn’t specifically for New Year’s, but it does apply. Don’t dwell […]

Happy New Year

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!

Christmas symbols: Gifts

Some of my most vivid Chrismas memories have something to do with gifts: -The year I snuck into my parents’ bedroom and found the one present I wanted most! Though I was excited to know I was getting a Ken doll, there was a bit of a letdown, too, due […]

Christmas Symbols: The Stable

While decorating for Christmas this year, I set up our ceramic nativity set and surrounded it with fake straw. This set is special to me because it was made by my father some 15 years ago. Most of his life, Daddy was a carpenter, but in his later years, he did […]

Nativity and stable

The Light of the world

Christmas symbols: Lights

Putting up Christmas lights is a tradition at our house. Whether stringing them along the eaves of the roof or wrapping them around the trunks of palm trees, getting the lights up signifies that we are anticipating Christmas. I remember taking drives with my parents as a child and peering […]

Gullible’s Trials: Weird Remedies

How gullible can I be? Seems like I’m willing to try all kinds of remedies to lose weight, look younger, or get rid of brown spots, skin tags, and spiders. Can you relate? Apple cider vinegar will help me lose weight? Tried it. (Nope, didn’t work. Maybe because I kept […]

snake oil cure

fireman responds to alarm

Don’t Ignore the Alarm

The fire alarm woke me just before midnight. I was staying on the second floor of a hotel in Georgia. There’d been a false alarm during the day a few days earlier, but it shut off after a minute or two. I peeked out in the hallway and saw people […]

Missed Opportunities

Ever tried to capture the perfect expression on a child’s face, only to have your camera or phone click one second too late? Or try to catch the peak moment of an athletic event with the same result? How about those times when you’ve had a delightful dinner, vacation, weekend […]


Words are like jewels

Words Are Like Jewels

To a writer, words are the tools of the trade. We agonize over finding just the right word to convey a specific meaning. Don’t use “walked” when “strode,” “shuffled,” or “ambled” is a better fit. Sometimes, it’s not the word, it’s the order of the words in a phrase or sentence. […]

Which Way to Go?

When I travel by car, I enjoy noticing unusual road signs, especially town names. I’ve had a fascination with odd place names for a long time. I remember Monkey’s Eyebrow, a real town in Kentucky, and Wildcat Hollow (pronounced “holler”), a vague location where my father grew up. Minnesota has […]

The way is hard

what to say

What to Do When You’re Speechless

Ever worry about what you’re going to say in a crucial moment? I sure do. I’m heading to a writer’s conference this week, with some anxiety about being effective when I pitch my story idea to agents and editors. But there are other times I feel inadequate about expressing my […]