Sandals in the Sand

A friend and I sat on a beach recently, noticed these abandoned sandals, and began to speculate about them. No apparent footprints in front of or behind them. Facing away from the water, not toward it. As a fiction author, all sorts of scenarios come to mind, involving sharks, an […]

Sandals on a beach

Happy Presidents' Day

Why Celebrate Presidents’ Day?

Today is Presidents’ Day. So what? I remember when Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday were celebrated on different days. I was still in school then, before the Federal government combined the holidays and moved it to the third Monday in February. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the […]

It’s All About the Heart

This is Valentine’s Week. And it really is about the heart. Yes, I know, it’s supposed to be Valentine’s Day on Tuesday this week. But between TV commercials, store displays, and billboards, it seems like the holiday has expanded into a week–or the whole month. Like other holidays, a good […]

Valentine candy hearts

Battle for Peace

The world is at war. But I’m not talking about the kind of war you’re thinking. My pastor on Sunday said, “We live in a world that is at war with God.” It’s hard to disagree. Terrorism, violent protests, broken families, drug abuse, and hateful rants on Facebook–seems like we […]

Covered by Eagle’s Wings

Every winter in southwest Florida, the Eagle Watch occurs. Since 2012, cameras have monitored the nest of a pair of eagles, and thousands of viewers watch the webcast waiting for the eggs to hatch or viewing the adults as they feed the eaglets. (You can see it at This […]

Eagle and baby

His mercy endures forever. Psalm 136:1

Mercy That Endures

Do you need a reason to give thanks to God? How about twenty? Check out Psalm 136. The author of this “song” lists some twenty reasons to give thanks, the chief one being “because His mercy endures forever.” Each of the 26 verses in the Psalm ends with this phrase. […]

Looking Ahead to 2017–And Back at 2016

Two days into 2017. How is the year going for you so far? Seems like an awful lot of people are discouraged or depressed over what the new year will bring. Maybe they’re upset over the outcome of the presidential election, pessimistic about the economy or their own financial situation, […]

Happy New Year

Christmas Cards: To Send or Not to Send?

My friend and fellow fiction writer Angela Arndt wrote about Christmas cards and graciously allowed me to share her post here: Paper Christmas Cards Every paper Christmas card I receive is read and hung in the window so I can see it every day. I love seeing the beautiful scenes, […]

Poinsettias symbolize the blood of Christ

Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

Did you know that today (December 12) is Poinsettia Day? Native to Central America and southern Mexico, this beautiful plant was popularized  in the U.S. by Joel Roberts Poinsett. He was appointed the first U.S. Ambassador to Mexico in 1825,  where he admired the flowers. Poinsett brought some of the […]