They call it “Bush TV.” In remote parts of Africa, far from modern civilization, people still gather around a roaring fire before and after dinner. They sit and gaze into the flames, conversation rising and falling with the fingers of fire. Topics range over the day’s events, plans for tomorrow, […]

Watching a Fire

Out on a limb is the best place to be.
“Out on a limb is the best place to be.” That’s a quote from a friend of mine who has been “out on a limb” for nearly 15 years. She’s Judi Bertels, founder and CEO of a fabulous ministry to Zambia called African Vision of Hope* (AVOH). Their commitment is to bring […]

Out on a Limb

"Even winds and water...obey Him.
I spent an hour last week in the one room in our mobile home with no window (the bathroom) while winds raged and buckets of water poured down. Tornadoes in Florida in January. December floods in Missouri. Record cold temperatures. An unusually warm fall. Devastating drought in parts of Africa. We begin […]

Storms and Droughts