Daddy & little girl walking
As an author, I write characters with wounds and scars. Often those occurred in childhood, they are usually invisible, and they resulted in a lie (or lies) the character believes that affects his or her actions in adulthood. Just like real life. I’m sure I have wounds that have influenced […]

Scars Remind Us of Our History

Nativity and stable
While decorating for Christmas this year, I set up our ceramic nativity set and surrounded it with fake straw. This set is special to me because it was made by my father some 15 years ago. Most of his life, Daddy was a carpenter, but in his later years, he did […]

Christmas Symbols: The Stable

fireman responds to alarm
The fire alarm woke me just before midnight. I was staying on the second floor of a hotel in Georgia. There’d been a false alarm during the day a few days earlier, but it shut off after a minute or two. I peeked out in the hallway and saw people […]

Don’t Ignore the Alarm

"But I don't want to"
This weekend we took care of two grandchildren without their parents. It’s not the first time, but it was the first time we’d had the three-year-old granddaughter along with her older brother. Her favorite two phrases seemed to be, “I want” and “I don’t want.” Whether it was food or candy, […]

‘But I Don’t Want To’

"It's time to act, God!"
      We spent the weekend with two of our grandchildren. We all had a great time at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and the Mall of America.      However, as we left the last store, we (the adults) stopped to look at a sale item. And one tired little […]

Impatient Children

I know all the birds of the hills. Psalm 50:11
For the last three years, a pair of robins has built a nest on top of the light  next to our front door. Right now, they are raising their second batch of babies for the year. The male and female robins take turns watching the nest and searching for food […]

3 Ways We Are Like Robins

Little girl at the beach
Chasing waves became a great game at the beach for me and my almost-two-year-old granddaughter recently. You know, you walk out just to where the last wave ended. As the next wave comes splashing in, you back up quickly, trying to avoid letting the water “catch” you. She didn’t mind […]

Chasing Waves