snake oil cure
How gullible can I be? Seems like I’m willing to try all kinds of remedies to lose weight, look younger, or get rid of brown spots, skin tags, and spiders. Can you relate? Apple cider vinegar will help me lose weight? Tried it. (Nope, didn’t work. Maybe because I kept […]

Gullible’s Trials: Weird Remedies

Drawing in the sand
My friend likes to draw in the sand. We went for a walk on the beach recently. We saw where some other people had written messages or drawn pictures in the sand, and she decided to make a few drawings of her own. A couple weeks later, I thought I […]

Drawings in the Sand

I’m wrapping up my series on the Absolute Best┬áBucket List with three final items. No matter how old you are, or what resources you have (or don’t have) to pursue your version of happiness, completing the items I’ve identified can be done at any age and at no cost. As […]

Three More Items for Your Bucket List