Like hundreds of thousandsĀ of others, we spent much of the weekend waiting for and watching the progress of Hurricane Irma. We’re safe in Iowa, but we have many friends in Fort Myers and other parts of Florida, and we’re concerned about our winter home there. I think the waiting may […]

Waiting for Irma

Happy Presidents' Day
Today is Presidents’ Day. So what? I remember when Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday were celebrated on different days. I was still in school then, before the Federal government combined the holidays and moved it to the third Monday in February. While several states still have individual holidays honoring the […]

Why Celebrate Presidents’ Day?

praying hands
Ever tried praying through the alphabet? Books have been written about praying the Lord’s prayer, praying the Psalms, and so forth. Years ago, I learned from some friends the idea of praying through the alphabet using the characteristics of God. The idea is to just worship Him in prayer by […]

Praying the Alphabet